Welcome to BAS-stakeholder Associations (BAS) website!

The association is a non-profit organization whose members represent industry associations, interest groups and Government agencies. The association has the objective to manage and develop the so called “BAS-kontoplanen” (a chart of accounts) and publications connected to the chart of accounts.

Companies in Sweden are not forced by law to use any special chart of accounts. “BAS-kontoplanen”, however, is today the dominant chart of accounts for Swedish enterprises. Approximately 95 % of all companies in Sweden use some form of “BAS-kontoplanen”.

BAS activities cover the maintenance, revision and improvement of the chart of accounts and related publications, as well as other activities that are of importance for the use of “BAS-kontoplanen”.

From December 2019, a Chart of account in English is available for free download.

If you would like more information in English about our association and the work we perform, please feel free to ask questions via info@bas.se.